Water Repellent Premium Tee Shirt 001

$211,20 (税込)



This is a double-faced tee shirt of the highest quality with natural functional merino wool on the inside and Egyptian cotton on the outside. The water and stain-repellent technology of this tee shirt differs from conventional surface-covering processing methods in that the yarn itself is subjected to a special processing, which means that its performance does not degrade even if washed, and it has high water repellency. It does not lose its texture. It also repels water while releasing moisture, making it a highly functional fabric with the deodorising effect, temperature and humidity control of merino wool, a “breathing fibre”, at its best. This shirt is real, and it is a must-have for any traveler who travels the world for business or sport.


50% Wool, 47% Cotton, 3% Nylon
Made in Japan


Available in sizes / 0,1,2,3,4,5 [0,5,6 will be delivered in early February].


Size 1 : Height – 70cm / Chest – 52.5cm / Shoulder – 48.5cm / Sleeve – 25cm
Size 2 : Height – 73cm / Chest – 56.5cm / Shoulder – 51.5cm / Sleeve – 26cm
Size 3 : Height – 75cm / Chest – 58.5cm / Shoulder – 56.5cm / Sleeve – 27cm
Size 4 : Height – 78cm / Chest – 63.5cm / Shoulder – 53.5cm / Sleeve – 69cm

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