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This collaboration came about after meeting and hitting it off with Amane Murakami, who runs Amabro at ESTNATION GINZA. Amabro is the brainchild of artist and art director Amane Murakami. Amabro respects traditional Japanese art and offers artistic products that blend into everyday life in a comfortable and easy to use way.


This product is designed to hold your clothes and swimwear from the gym or swimming pool, and is also ideal for shopping. It is easy to carry and compactly stored in the case provided. It is the essential eco-bag for active people whose lifestyle includes sport.


The bag is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a non-toxic, recyclable and eco-friendly material developed as an alternative to PVC, which produces dioxins when incinerated.


Note: This product comes with a storage case.
Size: 32 cm (width) x 56 cm (length)
Material: TPU Weight: 5kg
Country of manufacture: China Printed in: Japan

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