Water Repellent Premium Long Tee Shirt 002-White

$84,48$134,39 (税込)



This t-shirt is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton yarns with a water-repellent finish and is a top-quality knitted fabric. The water and stain repellent technology of this t-shirt is different from the conventional method of covering the surface, because the yarn itself is specially treated so that it does not lose its performance even after washing, and it has high water repellency and does not lose its texture. The cotton is grown in the eastern part of Uzbekistan, in the Khurgana Basin, an oasis on the Silk Road. The clean water and dry climate of the highlands produce a high quality cotton. The result is a highly functional t-shirt with a very high degree of whiteness, excellent colour rendering, lustre and a soft, supple texture. This is a must-have for the traveler who travels the world for business or sport.


Material : 100% Cotton / Made in Japan
※Orders will be sent out at the end of March.



Size XS : Length – 64cm / Body width – 59cm / Shoulder width – 59cm / Sleeve length – 45cm
Size S : Length – 67cm / Body width – 62cm / Shoulder width – 62cm / Sleeve length – 48cm
Size M : Length – 70cm / Width – 65cm / Shoulder width – 65cm / Sleeve length – 51cm
Size L : Length – 73cm / Body width – 68cm / Shoulder width – 68cm / Sleeve length – 54cm
Size XL : Length – 76cm / Width – 71cm / Shoulder width – 71cm / Sleeve length – 54cm